Technical Support

Technical Support

Regular measurements and inspections for long-term success

Regular inspection, long-term success

Our aim is to guarantee your process reliability and machining quality in the long term even after many years of machine operation. For this purpose, we recommend that you have your machine checked regularly by our experts. This allows you to actively combat natural wear and benefit from comprehensive optimization of your entire production process.


// Geometry check
// Laser measurement
// Ballbar test
// ProfiBUS measurement


Round the clock and worldwide support availability!
Use the support hotline at our headquarters to obtain comprehensive technical advice and fast solutions to
your problems.

phone: +49 751 5079 926


To allow us to solve your problem as quickly as possible, please have the following at hand when you contact us:
// Machine number
// Detailed fault description
// Machine status
// Your contact details


The five modules of the bavius service solutions ensure that we are ideally prepared for your requirements in
all service-related areas: from fast assistance in an emergency or long-term maintenance of machine
availability through to measures to continuously increase your productivity.


Checking the basic geometry
Reduce scrap parts and guarantee an optimum geometry status by having the entire geometry of your machine checked by specially trained service technicians during a planned production downtime. By performing specific tests, they will suggest solutions, the technicians also hand over the test logs and affix inspection tags.

Optimum positioning accuracy
By having bavius experts optimize the accuracy of your machine according to the highest quality standards, you do not just improve the machine performance but also increase your knowledge about the condition and performance as well as the runtime of your machine. Our specialists measure the linear axes in accordance with VDI / DGQ 3441, carry out measuring system compensation in the event of deviations, provide measurement logs and affix inspection tags on the machines. If a deviation of the machine accuracy is established, they will advise you on suitable solutions.
Measurement of the linear axes is the basis for optimum positioning accuracy.

Optimum path accuracy
The ballbar test allows you to keep an eye on the accuracy of your machine and ensure optimum path accuracy. bavius experts measure your machine and check the interaction of all axes. They provide you with the corresponding inspection logs, affix inspection tags on the machines and advise you on the best solution in the case of any deviations. By increasing your knowledge about the condition and capability of the machine, these measures from bavius service solutions allow you to increase the runtime of your machine and at the same time improve its performance.

Preventing downtimes
Detailed ProfiBUS measurements allow you to avoid downtimes and thus ensure machine availability. Specially trained bavius experts measure the entire ProfiBUS and provide recommendations on weak points that need replacement on the basis of detailed measurement logs. If a shutdown has already occurred, you receive a
fast fault diagnosis.



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