With the numerous available options, we jointly find
the optimum automation solution for your individual processes. Increased productivity and a reliable production are the goals.

Your advantages through bavius automation

  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized processes and process reliability
  • Guaranteed flexibility
  • Loading and unloading parallel to production
  • Reduced non-productive times, cycle times
  • Unmanned operation
  • Modularly extendable automation solutions
  • Machine and automation from one source
  • Reduced costs per piece
  • Sustainable future continuity

Your opportunities

  • Customised and standardised solutions
  • Pallet changing system for two pallets
  • Pallet automation on rail system
  • Pallet automation with pallet rack
  • Material handling and secondary operations with robot assistance
  • Portal handling system
  • Linking of several machines

Other options on specific customer request

Reference automation examples

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

Universal machining center UBZ 300/200 with portal handling system for three pallets using a portal robot.

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

Profile machining center PBZ HD with portal handling system, where the machining table is replaced by a
pallet carrier with zero-point clamping system (optionally also with vacuum, hydraulic or compressed air

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

Horizontal machining center HBZ CompactCell 400/100 with pallet automation on rails. System for changing
two pallets permits set-up parallel to production.

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

Horizontal machining center HBZ Trunnion 80 with pallet changing system for two pallets. Various pallet types available.

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

Partial installation of an automated cell with three HBZ Trunnion 80 machines, dual pallet changers, set-up stations, pallet racks for 48 pallets, cell management system and much more.

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

Horizontal machining center HBZ AeroCell 500/200 with flexible pallet automation system for interlinking
several machines. The overall system consists of several machines, a RGV (= rail guided vehicle), several set-up stations, pallet racks, rotating changeover station, etc.

Referenzbeispiele Automationslösungen EN

HBZ CompactCell with automation and pallet rack



Four product lines for a wide range of machining requirements


Reduction of costs per piece with modularly expandable automation solutions

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Long-term machine availability and continuous increase in productivity