Horizontal machining center HBZ® COMPACTCELL

Compact and powerful for aluminum workpieces up to 6,000 x 1,000 mm


High cutting power in aluminum with compact machine footprint: the HBZ CompactCell horizontal machining center is the perfect solution for meeting these demands. Benefit from powerful and dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining for workpieces that require intensive cutting. The horizontal high-power spindle achieves top values in aluminum and offers all the other advantages of horizontal machining.


Good ergonomic design is one of the key advantages of the HBZ CompactCell horizontal machining center: during set-up, the horizontally positioned pallets for loading and unloading ensure optimum ergonomics; during machining, the large viewing window provides an optimal view of the workpiece.


Different pallet sizes offer flexibility corresponding to their specific application. All machine sizes are characterized by a compact machine design with fully-enclosed workzone and small footprint without a special foundation.

Material removal rates
Spindle power
Spindle speed


  • 5-axis HSC horizontal machining
  • Highly dynamic machining of aluminum
  • High material removal rate and productivity
  • Significant reduction in machining times and costs per piece
  • High travel speeds
  • High performance combined with small footprint
  • Fully enclosed workzone
  • Numerous options for automation available

Applications and highlights

HBZ CompactCell EN

HBZ CompactCell with automation on rails for automatically changing two pallets to permit loading and unloading parallel to machining

HBZ CompactCell EN

Perfect view into the workzone and ergonomic position of the control panel

HBZ CompactCell EN

HBZ CompactCell with pallet automation, integrated pallet rack and set-up station for set-up parallel to production

HBZ CompactCell EN

5-axis aluminum machining with the HBZ CompactCell. Optimum chip and coolant management thanks to horizontal spindle machining

HBZ CompactCell EN

HBZ CompactCell application example: aluminum wing panel (aerospace)

HBZ CompactCell EN

HBZ CompactCell application example: aluminum rib (aerospace)


By calling on our large repertoire of automation possibilities and individual solutions for customer-specific needs, we provide you with professional and comprehensive advice. Our goal is to configure the best possible automation for your processes and additional productivity.


Choosing from a large range of options, we configure your machining center individually for your specific requirements based on the components for your application.

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