Horizontal machining center HBZ® TRUNNION®

Powerful 5-axis machining of a wide range of materials with an interference contour up to 67 in


Today, modern production demands machining centers that are not just precise and productive but also flexible. The HBZ Trunnion horizontal machining centers cover the entire application spectrum up to an interference contour of 67 in  thanks to high speeds for HSC cutting of aluminum as well as high-torque motor spindles for heavy-duty cutting of titanium and steel. High travel speeds combined with the optimum designed spindle for the specific application ensure high precision for dynamic 5-axis machining.


The compact and intrinsically rigid machine design with double drive system and clamping on both sides of the NC rotary-swivel table as well as horizontal spindle combines all the advantages of horizontal machining with high performance on a compact footprint. The stable machine design guarantees highly-precise cutting.

The bavius machine concept offers unique benefits for your production!


Available in three sizes, the HBZ Trunnion series permits 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex workpieces in different materials with interference contours up to 850 mm, 1,300 mm or 1,700 mm.



 HBZ Trunnion 80HBZ Trunnion 120HBZ Trunnion 160
Table diameterØ 31 inØ 47 inØ 63 in
Axis travel X/Y/Zup to 33 / 33 / 28 inup to 50 / 43 / 35 inup to 66 / 53 / 43 in
Travel speed X/Y/Zup to 2362 / 2362 / 2362 in/minup to 2362 / 2362 / 2362 in/minup to 2362 / 2362 / 2362 in/min
Spindle dataPower: from 34 hp to 168 hp (S1)
Speed: from 6.000 rpm to 30.000 rpm
Torque: from 23 ft-lb to 627 ft-lb (S1)
A-axisup to -30° / +120°
MaterialsAluminum, steel, titanium and other common light- and heavy-duty cutting materials
Standard machines sizesWith three machine sizes, the HBZ Trunnion covers a wide range of applications for efficient machining of extremely varied and complex 5-axis machining tasks.
  • 5-axis HPC/HSC horizontal machining
  • Wide variety of materials: fast in aluminum, powerful with hard to machine materials
  • Double drive system and clamping on both sides of the NC rotary-swivel table
  • Dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Large range of different spindles
  • Optimum values for costs per piece and surface quality
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Numerous options for automation available

Applications and highlights

HBZ Trunnion EN 6

HBZ Trunnion 80 with efficient pallet change for two pallets. Various pallet types available.

HBZ Trunnion EN 5

HBZ Trunnion 80 application example: aluminum cleat (aerospace)

HBZ Trunnion EN 4

HBZ Trunnion 80 application example: Steel turbine bucket (energy)

HBZ Trunnion EN 3

In addition to good ergonomic design for the machine operator, the HBZ Trunnion 120 has a compact footprint of only approx. 7,400 x 8,900 x 3,800 mm.

HBZ Trunnion EN 2

HBZ Trunnion 80 offers an optimum view of the workpiece both through the side window (optionally with rotating transparent window) as well as through the front window.

HBZ Trunnion EN 1

Partial installation of an automated cell with three HBZ Trunnion 80 machines, 2-pallet pallet changers, set-up stations, pallet racks for 48 pallets, cell management system and much more


By calling on our large repertoire of automation possibilities and individual solutions for customer-specific needs, we provide you with professional and comprehensive advice. Our goal is to configure the best possible automation for your processes and additional productivity.


Choosing from a large range of options, we configure your machining center individually for your specific requirements based on the components for your application.