Profile machining centers PBZ®

Profile machining centers PBZ®

Flexibility and high performance for 6-sided profile machining


Different lengths, technological highlights as well as differences in design: With its PBZ HD, PBZ NT and PBZ SC series, bavius offers profile machining centers for all profile cutting applications. In light or heavy extrusions, solid material, short and narrow as well as long and wide profiles up to 30,000 mm, complex tasks are performed in aluminum and steel. In all cases, the profile machining centers guarantee highly dynamic
and economical cutting to meet high quality demands.


The combination of a rigid machine design, good ergonomics and powerful machining units guarantees precise and powerful 5-axis simultaneous machining. The profile machining centers from bavius allow you to realize short machining times and low costs per piece as well as excellent precision.


ndividually configurable clamping vice and table variants make it possible to realize a wide range of solutions for flexible workpiece clamping. 6-side complete machining is also possible through end machining.

One product line // Three series

The PBZ product line comprises three machine series with different technological highlights and sizes. This allows us to cover a wide range of applications in 5-axis cutting of profiles and to provide the optimum machine for your application in profile machining.

  • Powerful HPC/HSC machining of a wide range of profile types
  • Highly dynamic 5-axis machining of aluminum and steel
  • Freely positionable clamping vices permit interference-free machining
  • Set production: Production of entire part sets (e.g. complete door frames) from one workpiece thanks to vice shifting
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • 6-side complete machining
  • Solid machine construction for stable and precise machining
  • Numerous options for automation


Proven bavius clamping technology

Individually configurable clamping vice and table variants make it possible to realize a wide range of solutions for flexible workpiece clamping tailored to the requirements of the specific application. The advantages of the proven and cost-efficient bavius clamping technology can be found in all three series of the PBZ product line. In addition, each series also offers further options for an efficient workpiece clamping.

Criteria of bavius clamping technology

// Integrated, flexible, CNC-controlled clamping system reduces non-productive times
// Clamping vices for standard workpiece clamping
// Customer-specific clamping techniques
// Variable number of clamping vices
// CNC-controllable clamping vice positioning
// Fixtures with different media supply
// Workpiece clamping for 6-sided machining
// Optimum accessibility to the profile side thanks to vice shifting
// Economical and cost-efficient clamping Technology
// Highly-damping Lauramid® clamping vices

Applications and highlights


Small footprint of the PBZ SC machines thanks to dynamic pendulum machining and compact machine design


Loading and unloading parallel to production due to two separate workzones and pendulum operation


6-side profile machining of workpieces up to a length of 24,000 mm with the PBZ SC


5-axis 6-side complete machining of aluminum and steel sheet profiles and extrusions up to a length of 25,000 mm with the PBZ NT


PBZ NT: ergonomic workplace with good accessibility to the workpiece at a comfortable working height, optimum view into the workzone as well as ergonomic operation thanks to swiveling control panel.


5-sided complete machining of profiles and solid material up to a length of 30,000 mm


Precise 5-axis high performance profile machining with highest chip removal rates