Horizontal machining centers HBZ

  • Specifically designed for machining large structural parts for the aerospace industry
  • 5-Axis CNC machining centers for precise cutting combined with maximum material removal rates
  • Optimum productivity for a very wide range of applications with minimum space requirements

Application diversity

The HBZ product range with the AeroCell and CompactCell machines is all about short machining times, optimised machining strategies, and exceptional workpiece quality.

The AeroCell and CompactCell machining centers are ideal for high chip removal, 5-axis CNC machining of aluminum up to 10 meters in length and 2,5 meters in width.

The best machining conditions

The robust machine design enables stable and precise machining – even at high travel speeds, accelerations and jerk values. The horizontal spindle arrangement ensures optimal chip removal and coolant management, and thus avoid recutting.

A unique concept with optimum ergonomics

On bavius horizontal machining centers, the workpiece pallets are rotated into the machining position for horizontal cutting. The AeroCell also has a pallet rotating function, which significantly reduces downtime.
The horizontal table position allows ergonomic loading and unloading for the operator and material handling. The operator has a good view of the working area during the machining process, even with the large components.

HBZ product line

The horizontal bavius machine concept delivers a range of sizes and outstanding technology to ensure there is a solution for your 5-axis cutting application. We have become the preferred supplier to customers with large, flat precision aluminum workpieces.

AeroCell 200
AeroCell 250
AeroCell 160 CompactCell 100
Table- / Palletsizemax. 10 000 x 2 000 mm
max. 5 000 x 2 500 mm
4 000 x 1 600 mmmax. 6 000 x 1 000 mm
Axis travel X/Y/Zmax. 10 800 / 2 500 / 800 mm4 400 / 1 700 / 850 mmmax. 6 650 / 1 100 / 550 mm
Travel speed X/Y/Z80/80/80 m/min70/70/70 m/min60/40/60 m/min
Spindle dataPower: max. 140 kW (S1)
speed: max. 30 000 rpm
Torque: max. 85 Nm (S1)
Power: max. 140 kW (S1)
speed: max. 30 000 rpm
Torque: max. 85 Nm (S1)
Power: max. 80 kW (S1)
speed: max. 30 000 rpm
Torque: max. 36 Nm (S1)

5-axis high-speed cutting of large structural parts

Machining of 5 sides in one set-up

Horizontal machining for effective chip and coolant removal

Reduced down time with a second workpiece loaded during production

Compact machine design; no special foundation required

bavius milling head: proprietary, versatile, robust, dynamic and developed in-house

bavius sets the standard for horizontal machining!


The swivel and rotation function of the space-saving pallet changer with two pallets on the AeroCell allows loading and unloading while production is in progress.

Horizontal machining centers HBZ

A horizontal spindle arrangement ensures effective chip and coolant removal.

AeroCell 160

Ergonomics is important to us. The horizontally positioned pallet, which is accessible from all sides, makes it easier to set up the AeroCell 160.


The space saving pallet changer with two pallets on rails allows loading and unloading while production is in progress.The space saving pallet changer with two pallets on rails allows loading and unloading while production is in progress.


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HBZ Product Line

AeroCell® 250, AeroCell® 200, AeroCell® 160, CompactCell 100:
bavius horizontal machining centers offer solutions for 5-axis machining of aluminum workpieces up to 10 000 mm in length and up to 2 500 meters in width. With the unique pallet changing system, bavius horizontal machining centers open a new dimension of productivity to the aerospace industry.