PBZ SC profile machining centers

Dynamic pendulum machining of profiles and extrusions up to 24 000 mm long for high productivity!
Especially proven in the aerospace industry.

Loading and unloading while production is in progress

Do you want to reduce non-productive time without additional automation?
The PBZ SC profile machining center with pendulum machining capability is the answer.

The PBZ SC profile machining center’s pendulum machining provides two spatially-separated working areas which allow workpieces to be loaded and unloaded while cutting is in progress.

Machining without workpiece interference

Aluminum and steel profiles up to a maximum length of 24 000 mm are machined on a small machine footprint and with a very powerful spindle.
The robust machine design is the basis for high precision and outstanding quality with 6-sided machining without workpiece interference.

Proven bavius clamping technology

The PBZ SC incorporates proven bavius clamping technology to ensure efficient workpiece clamping.

  • Flexible clamping technology for machining all common profile cross sections
  • Multiple vice or table variants
  • Freely positionable vices across the entire length
  • Simple changing of the clamping elements
  • Multi-functional vices for sensitive surfaces

Outstanding flexibility

The PBZ SC profile machining center can be configured to suit your requirements and materials in either a vice or a table version.



Spindle Power



Spindle Speed



Saw Blade Diameter

Technical Data

Standard size

PBZ SC 800, 1000, 1200, 1600

Profile length

max. 24 000 mm

Profile cross-section

clamping vice version
max. 400 x 300 mm
table version
max. 1 200 x 500 mm

X/Y/Z travel

max. 24 80 0 /1 100 (1 350) / 720 mm

X/Y/Z travel speed

70/55/55 m/min

Spindle data

Power: max. 26 kW (S1)
spreed: max. 28 000 rpm
Torque: max. 29 Nm (S1)

Flexible, productive 3/5-axis high-speed cutting

High productivity due to pendulum machining

High precision machining thanks to a robust, compact machine concept

Short set-up times thanks to 6-sided complete machining in one clamping operation, batch production without interference contours, e.g. production of entire part sets from one profile thanks to vice position adjustment for profile lengths up to 25 000 mm

Steel profiles can be machined thanks to the proven and robust vice concept with high clamping force

Excellent workpiece surface finish and quality thanks to HSC technology

No special machine foundation required

Applications and highlights


5-Achs HSC Be­ar­bei­tung von Alu­minium­profilen

High productivity due to pendulum machining


PBZ SC als Tisch­version. Durch das fahrende Portal ergeben sich zwei räumlich getrennte Arbeits­be­reiche. Dadurch kann haupt­zeit­parallel be- und ent­laden werden.

Vice position adjustment or a table version for loading and unloading while production is in progress


Integriertes Säge­blatt bis 500mm Durch­messer

Cutting of the profile length by integrated saw blade


Anwen­dungs­bei­spiel PBZ SC: Edel­stahl Sitz­schiene (Aero­space)

Machining stainless steel seat track


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With its PBZ HD, PBZ NT and PBZ SC series, bavius offers profile machining centers for all profile cutting applications.
Complex operations are done in aluminum and steel. bavius profile machining centers stand for highly dynamic and economic machining, meeting highest quality expectations.

bavius LinkUp®

Integrated automation and interlinking, standardised and customer-specific. We design the optimum automation solution to suit your specific needs. Cycle time and non-productive time are reduced. Continuous production capability – 24/7!

bavius milling head (bmh)

The bmh milling heads are specially designed for bavius machining centers and are exclusively developed and manufactured by bavius. The synergy between bavius machining centers and the bavius milling head is unique: The bmh ensures highly dynamic 5-axis machining combined with outstanding process reliability. Our milling head/spindle combination provides high cutting performance with excellent accuracy and surface qualities, even with extra-long tools or large angle heads.