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bavius service

Excellent customer service is very important to us. Partnership-based, sustainable and individual.

Our experienced specialists make sure your productivity is maintained and optimized, regardless of where you are located in the world. Preventive maintenance and rapid service response minimizes downtime and extends the service life of your systems.

Service Excellence 

Quick. Sustainable. Individual. bavius service offers comprehensive and customized services over the entire service life of your equipment. bavius service and application experts coordinate closely with our customers to forge a successful partnership.

  • Quick response time
  • Long-term machine reliability
  • Continuous increase in productivity

We also offer individual training and support:

  • Programming
  • Fixtures
  • Cutting tools
  • Simulation
  • Machining processes and optimization
  • Remote diagnostics utilizing the latest digital technology

We’re waiting to hear from you – worldwide, 24/7

Please have the following information ready so that we can deal with your problem quickly:

  • Machine number
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Machine status
  • Your contact details

Prevent. Maintain. Extend the service life.

On-site Support

We’ll respond quickly to your request and send spare parts and our experts to you – not just for bavius machines, but for other manufacturers’ systems too. Our services are individually tailored to each machine, machine type, condition, user, and customer request. We offer tailored preventive maintenance programs in order to minimize the need for reactive service.

Digital support – remote but close by

Diagnosis, troubleshooting, productivity boosting and production support can often be provided remotely. Remote services mean faster response times and more cost-effective and efficient delivery.

Digital twin technology incorporated into our controls now collect real-time data, simulate the future state of the system, and create a basis for optimization. They also allow problems to be detected early.

Preventive analysis – prevention through monitoring and analysis

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their bavius machines operate reliably and efficiently. We therefore offer a range of analytical and monitoring systems to track and maintain the precision and reliability of your machine.

Refurbishment – extending the service life together

Retrofit. Modernisation. Digitalisation.

A bavius machining center is a long-term investment! Our highly qualified service team can extend its service life through targeted and customized updates, avoiding the need for new investments and saving you money along the way. Let our service team stay in regular contact with your machines throughout the entire service life – and significantly extend the service life cycle.

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