Profile machining centers PBZ

For aerospace and a very wide range of profiles.

5-axis cutting with workpiece-specific clamping technology. Highly productive, flexible, efficient – ideal for raw profiles from 6 000 mm and 6-sided machining.

Various profile lengths, technological highlights!

Application diversity

PBZ HD, PBZ NT and PBZ SC profile machining centers for a wide range of geometries and profile lengths up to 30 000 mm!
Challenging, highly dynamic machining operations can be completed economically on extruded, solid aluminum or steel and to the highest quality standards.

Precision and performance

Shorter machining times combined with high precision can be achieved with bavius profile machining centers, and at low unit costs. The combination of robust, ergonomic machine design coupled with high spindles speeds and power ensures precise simultaneous 5-axis machining.

bavius clamping technology advantages

  • Flexible CNC-controlled vice positioning reduces non-productive times
  • Vices for standard workpiece clamping
  • Multiple vices
  • Workpiece clamping for 6-sided machining
  • Optimum accessibility to the sides of the profile, thanks to vice movement
  • Economical and cost-effective clamping technology

Proven bavius clamping technology

  • Individually configurable vice and table designs provide many different clamping options.
  • Both ends of the workpiece be milled in the same set-up. We provide cost-effective 6-sided machining solutions for complex profiles.

PBZ product line

bavius profile machine concept offers range of sizes and outstanding technology to ensure there is a solution to every 5-axis cutting application. We have the ideal machine for your workpieces and profiles!

Workpiece lengthmax. 30 000 mmmax. 25 000 mmmax. 24 000 mm
Workpiece cross sectionmax. 600 x 300 mm (clamping vice version)
max. 800 x 575 mm (table version)
max. 600 x 300 mmmax. 400 x 300 mm (clamping vice version)
max. 800 x 500 mm
max. 1 200 x 500 mm
(table version)
Axis travel x/Y/Zvariabel / 1 500 / 1 000 mmvariabel/ 1 100 / 850 mmvariabel / 1 100 / 720 mm
Travel speed X/Y/Z70/40/40 m/min90/55/55 m/min70/55/55 m/min
Spindle dataPower: max. 80 kW (S1)
speed: max. 30 000 rpm
Torque: max. 36 Nm (S1)
Power: max. 26 kW (S1)
speed: max. 28 000 rpm
Torque: max. 29 Nm (S1)
Power: max. 26 kW (S1)
speed: max. 28 000 rpm
Torque: max. 29 Nm (S1)

5-axis high-speed profile machining

Flexible and efficient machining of a wide range of aluminum or steel profiles

Machining without interference thanks to freely positionable vices

Production of entire part sets from one workpiece thanks to vice movement

Greatly reduced set-up times thanks to 6-sided complete machining in one clamping operation

High-precision machining thanks to a compact machine design, with no special foundation required

bavius is the standard for profile machining!

Applications and highlights


Challenging high-speed machining (HSC) of solid and extruded aluminum


For 6-sided HSC complete machining of profiles and extrusions made of aluminum and steel


Profile machining center with dynamic pendulum machining for outstanding flexibility


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PBZ Product line

With its PBZ HD, PBZ NT and PBZ SC series, bavius offers profile machining centers for all profile machining applications.

  • For extrusions and solid material
  • For short and narrow as well as long and wide profiles
  • Workpieces up to 30 000 mm in profile length. Complex tasks are performed in aluminum and steel. In all cases, the profile machining centers guarantee highly dynamic and economical cutting to meet high quality demands.